Call Governor Rauner to help save healthcare for all


Call Governor Rauner to help save healthcare for all

The Senate is working right now on the American Health Care Act (AHCA) which is the replacement for the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare. If passed this bill will significantly affect access to healthcare for the most vulnerable. You can make your voice heard and contact Governor Rauner today!

Governor Rauner continues to have an influence regarding the repeal of the ACA or any changes to Medicaid because of the grave fiscal impact on the state if this were to happen.

Call Governor Rauner either at his Chicago office 312-814-2121 or his Springfield office 217-782-0244 to voice your concern about the AHCA!

Once you make a call, report it here and then forward this email onto a friend, colleague or family member to amplify our message!

Some additional facts about the AHCA:
• Takes health coverage away from 23 million people.
• Increases premiums and out of pocket costs, especially for people over 50.
• Allows insurers to charge people with pre-existing conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes more for insurance without guaranteeing coverage for essential health benefits like mental health treatment, maternity care and prescriptions.
• Gives over $600 billion in tax breaks to the wealthy, insurance and prescription drug companies.

The AHCA Radically Changes Medicaid for Seniors, Children and People with Disabilities
• Eliminates Medicaid expansion, ending coverage for 681,000 people.
• Ends Medicaid for those covered because of the ACA and for seniors, children and people with disabilities that received Medicaid before the ACA and replaces it with very limited funding in the form of caps or block grants.
• Shifts $24 billion in costs from the federal government to our state budget–which we haven’t even had in over 2 years! This impact would mean forcing further cuts to other important services.

Specifically in Illinois, the AHCA Puts Healthcare at Risk for MILLIONS of people:
• 846,000 in IL gained coverage under the Affordable Care Act
• 5,600,000 people in IL with pre-existing conditions could be charged more
• 681,000 in IL gained coverage through Medicaid Expansion including 60,000 veterans
• 225,200 seniors who depend on Medicaid in IL
• 1,572,100 children who depend on Medicaid in IL
• 333,000 people with disabilities covered by Medicaid in IL
• 52% of births in IL are covered by Medicaid