The Learning Centers

The Learning Centers provide a space for women to explore their skills, abilities, and interests in a supportive environment. Women attend humanities courses such as philosophy, literature, art history, US history, music and film study. In addition, the Learning Centers offer art and craft supplies, a lending library, computers and internet access, and individual tutoring.

At Deborah’s Place, humanities are the primary tool with which we give back to our democracy its poorest citizens. All participants and tenants of Deborah’s Place are encouraged to participate in humanities activities, and participant recruitment is ongoing. These classes give participants the opportunity to explore cultural ideas through art, music, literature, history, and film. The culture that we have is shaped by the past. Facts, findings and literature of even thousands of years ago have influenced our world today. Knowing this past can allow people to understand our present; knowing how we came to this present helps us to communicate about it and the future.

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