Housing Information and Resources

Emergency Shelter

If you need a place to stay, call 311 or visit a Community Service Center. They will connect you with resources for rental assistance and homelessness prevention. They can also refer you to an overnight shelter.

Deborah’s Place does not operate an emergency shelter program.

Permanent Housing

Deborah’s Place takes all referrals for our permanent supportive housing programs from Chicago’s Coordinated Entry System (CES). We do not maintain a separate waitlist for these programs. If you or someone you know is seeking permanent supportive housing, the person seeking housing must visit a Housing Access Point to be assessed for the CES.  The list of sites where you can get assessed to get on the CES is located here.  Contact ChicagoCES@csh.org with questions.

Teresa’s Interim Housing

Teresa’s Interim Housing Program is a short-term, 120-day program with ten beds. Interim housing residents work with staff to find stable, permanent housing and the resources they need to maintain it.

The waitlist for Teresa’s Interim Housing opens approximately twice a year. If you are eligible (18 or older, identify as female or nonbinary, and experiencing homelessness), you can expect to wait six to eight months depending on the housing market. Call Teresa’s Interim Housing Program at 312-944-8669 for information on the waitlist.


Deborah’s Place housing programs are available to single unaccompanied women, including transgender or nonbinary individuals. We do not house anyone under the age of 18. For general information about Deborah’s Place housing programs, visit the Housing Services page or contact us.