Volunteer Profile: Scott Goldstein

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Scott leads a financial planning session with Learning
Center Coordinator Katrina and resident Donna

Every week this spring, several women gathered around a round table in the Marah’s Learning Center for a conversation about financial management. Scott Goldstein, a Wealth Management Advisor with Northwestern Mutual, leads the conversation. Scott checks in with each person in the class, asking what they value and how Marah’s can support them in achieving their goals. Scott listens carefully to the residents’ concerns and offers advice. “There’s always a solution,” he says.

Scott says his favorite part of volunteering at Marah’s is getting to know the women: “I really appreciate the spirit and fun they’ve brought to this.” Residents enjoy the course, and their participation makes them eligible to receive matching funds in the Savings Incentive Program (SIP) pilot.

Through SIP, every dollar a resident saves (up to $500) is matched with fifty cents from Deborah’s Place. After its success in Teresa’s Interim Housing Program, where residents saved a combined total of more than $32,000 in the past three years, staff are now piloting SIP at Marah’s. With lessons learned from the pilot program, staff aim to expand SIP to other locations at Deborah’s Place. Thanks to Scott’s expert coaching and SIP matching funds, Marah’s residents are getting closer to their goals for financial stability.  Donna, a Marah’s resident, says, “It’s a big thing for me to finally be saving for something.”

With Scott’s professional support, women explore strategies for budgeting and identify ways to balance their financial values, such as independence, community, and convenience.

“I’m in a helping profession,” Scott says. “I get to serve and help them accomplish their goals. I feel blessed that I get to do that, but I wanted to be able to share my skills and talents with people I might not have the chance to do that with on a typical 9 to 5 basis, and give something back.”

Thanks to Scott for applying his skills and expertise to help women achieve financial security! If you have a professional skill you’d like to share at Deborah’s Place, you can volunteer. Learn more, and sign up for an orientation!

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