HMIS Privacy Policy

Background on the Homeless Management Information System

Chicago has a group of private agencies and city departments working together to prevent homelessness and provide service to homeless and formerly homeless individuals and families. This group is known as the Continuum of Care (COC). When women request services from Deborah’s Place, we are required to track information about them using a computer system called HMIS, or Homeless Management Information System.

HMIS is a software system administered and governed by the Chicago Planning Council on Homelessness, which is staffed by the Chicago Alliance to End Homelessness. These agencies are referred to as the HMIS & COC Lead Agencies. HMIS is used by many agencies in Chicago that serve people experiencing homelessness. The information collected in HMIS helps us improve service delivery, better understand homelessness, and evaluate the effectiveness of our services.

To help the COC work together, Deborah’s Place participant information may be shared with other agencies and city departments according to the HMIS Privacy Practices. Deborah’s Place does not publicly share any information about our participants without their full knowledge and written consent.