Graduation. Your first job. Your first apartment. We all remember these important milestones and celebrating these moments as opening the door to a new chapter of our lives. Sadly, many women in our community do not get to celebrate these milestones because they are experiencing homelessness. Stephanie was one of these women.

After battling addiction and chronic homelessness for many years, Stephanie realized she needed to make some changes. But she still didn’t have a place to call home. That is, until she got connected with Deborah’s Place.

Through a new housing subsidy program, Deborah’s Place was able to offer Stephanie her own apartment. Getting a key to her own place was one of those milestones Stephanie never thought she’d reach. She says, “I really love my place! It encourages me to be responsible. It gives me a renewed sense of pride. It inspires me to continue and help others where I can.”

In addition to her apartment, Stephanie receives case management. She credits her case manager, Tawana, with helping her to open up and build trust. “My relationship with her goes above and beyond [what I expected]. She genuinely cares about me.”

Stephanie already has her eyes set on her next milestone. She plans to enroll in an IT program and get a job working with computers. Now she can do this with confidence knowing that she has a stable place to live and the support of a caring community. Your past generous support has helped women like Stephanie reach these important milestones.

Help women open doors to the next chapter in their lives by donating to Deborah’s Place today.