A message from our CEO, Audrey Thomas:

While we applaud women who are using their celebrity as a public platform to speak out about the sexual abuse and assault in the entertainment industry, I would also like to point out that for women who are homeless, physical and sexual abuse is often part of their experience. For women who are homeless, the reality of finding a place to sleep, shower, and eat is their priority. Counseling and therapy for their trauma is limited or not available at all – thanks to the defunding of mental health clinics and other resources for low-income people.

So as we shake our heads and lament one more famous person abusing their position and power, we remember that there are women who do not have the opportunity to speak out publicly about their experiences. What they do have is organizations like Deborah’s Place that offer safety, supportive housing and trauma informed services to help women heal, feel empowered to take back control of their lives and tell their own stories.

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