Eliza, a participant in Teresa’s Interim Housing, had been living on the L or in abandoned buildings for six years before coming to Deborah’s Place. Beyond the toll this took on her mental health, there was the fact that all her essential documents had been stolen, leaving her without the bare necessities to attempt to obtain employment or an apartment.

Since entering Teresa’s Interim Housing, she says, “opportunities just keep coming up for me.” With the help of staff, she’s been able to obtain new copies of her documentation, interview for jobs, and rebuild her mental health.

This is the goal of Teresa’s Interim Housing: in 120 days, it aims to provide a bridge between homelessness and stability, establishing the structures and sense of safety that will allow a woman to maintain her housing and achieve her goals for the rest of her life.

“It provides women with a safe space to begin to add structure to their life—getting up in the morning, going to appointments, making meals—and most importantly, living in a communal setting and working with a small number of other residents. This is important because many women who sleep in emergency shelter or the streets build walls—literal and emotional—to keep themselves safe,” says former CEO Audrey Thomas of the program’s impact.

Now, to support the ongoing work of Deborah’s Place throughout all of our programs, you have the opportunity to sponsor a bed in Teresa’s Interim Housing—providing sanctuary, safety, and a launchpad for the future to a woman in need.

sponsor a bed to support Deborah's Place
Every woman who enters Teresa’s is given a quilt made with love by volunteers

Your donation of $1,200 will support women in building lives of hope and security throughout our programs, and your generosity will be commemorated with the naming of a Teresa’s dormitory bed in your honor for one year. Your name will also be listed on this page in recognition of your gift.

When you sponsor a bed, you help Deborah’s Place make a life-changing impact for these women, many of whom have spent years without a safe place to call home. Your legacy becomes a part of the story of Teresa’s Interim Housing: a story of hope, of opportunity, and of resilience.

Former CEO Audrey Thomas at the Teresa’s Interim Housing dormitory

Gifts in any amount go miles to support our mission. Make a different size of contribution through our standard donation page.

Thank you to the following Sponsor A Bed Supporters.

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