Trent Anderson and his team at Sharp Rose LLC have a simple mission: make money and do good. As owner and property manager for rental properties throughout the west and south sides of Chicago, Sharp Rose leases market rate and subsidized apartments, including housing more than a dozen women from Deborah’s Place.

Affordable housing is a precious commodity in Chicago, especially to women who are homeless. In addition to our three program-based housing sites, Deborah’s Place assists more than 60 women in our community-based housing program to move from the streets into their own home. We couldn’t do this without our landlord partners, like Trent.

Many landlords have reservations about providing subsidized housing, but Trent says they should just, “go for it!” He wants to put to rest the idea that tenants that have subsidies are more challenging than market rate tenants. Trent’s experience has taught him that this simply isn’t true. “Deborah’s Place women are so grateful for their apartments and often much nicer to work with than other tenants,” he says. He knows that if there are problems, the women’s case managers at Deborah’s Place are already aware and are working with her to address any issues. He doesn’t get that kind of support from market tenants.

Trent benefits from his relationship with Deborah’s Place too. Accepting tenants with subsidies does more than just make Trent and his team feel good. It also provides financial security for the company. Subsidies are guaranteed income and ensure that Sharp Rose can keep the lights on and pay staff salaries when market rate units stay empty or other tenants fall behind on their rent. “I never have to worry about rent from Deborah’s Place residents,” says Trent. “Deborah’s Place is dependable and financially stable.”

Trent believes that, “the past is in the past. These women deserve a second chance.” That’s why he is committed to providing good, safe, clean, affordable housing for all his tenants, and he’s proud to partner with us.

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