“I probably would be dead without Deborah’s Place because I didn’t know how to get help. There’s no way you can’t get to where you want to be if you live here because the resources are here, that’s what I love about this place.”

Gloria is celebrating an important milestone this November – four years sober, something she never thought she would be able to do. Gloria’s alcoholism led her to losing her job and ending up homeless and on the streets.

It was when she was at her lowest that she confided in a pastor at a church that was providing free meals. That pastor got her into a detox program, from there she entered a treatment program that referred her to Deborah’s Place.

Gloria couldn’t believe how nice her apartment was, “They gave me the key to my apartment and when I opened the door, I literally kissed the floor because I had never had a place like this. I looked around and saw that it already had everything I needed—pots, pans, cleaning items. There was even a full bag of groceries in the refrigerator.”

Getting into the apartment was a good start, but Gloria’s addictions were strong. She struggled with them for years before the truth really sank in, her alcoholism was killing her and she needed to stop. Her case manager Lesa was there to help her get into a program and support her when she returned.

She is now in AA and joins other residents attending meetings every morning. “I quickly found out once I stopped chasing myself and got my life together, that if there is anything I want to achieve, I can achieve it here. Last December, I got my phlebotomy certificate. I couldn’t have done it without the support of Deborah’s Place. I did my homework on the computers in the Learning Center and printed out whatever I needed. I still have some obstacles to getting the job I want, but I know I have the support here and will achieve my goals.”

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