From our CEO, Audrey Thomas:

People who are homeless are human beings.

On January 3, WGN covered the destruction of property of people who live under the Kennedy Expressway at Belmont and Kedzie. My husband Michael and I enjoy a community meal and fellowship every Wednesday night with 25-30 other people at a nearby church – some of whom are homeless and live there, at that underpass. We know Jeffrey, who was interviewed. He was beside himself as he watched his blankets, cardboard and other possessions tossed into the back of a city garbage truck. An 11 year old boy, who was bringing supplies to this camp with other volunteers at the time, witnessed what was happening. He said it was like if you took a wrecking ball to someone’s house when they weren’t there. It’s just wrong.

The city issued a statement that the people at Belmont and Kedzie were given notice last week that this was happening. But where were the people supposed to move their belongings? Under another expressway underpass? Was it really necessary, in this deadly cold weather, to destroy the few possessions of people who have almost nothing? No it wasn’t. Alderman Carlos Ramirez Rosa said he was not aware that it happened and that we need to create more affordable housing in the city so that the most vulnerable are taken care of. WE ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO DO THIS. In the meantime, we cannot be silent while people who live outside have what little they have destroyed.

See the story here:…/city-workers-accused-of-tossing-out-hom…/

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