Looking for a way to stay involved with the community after graduating college, Luigi Loizzo came to a volunteer orientation at Deborah’s Place. After learning more about the mission and services, he knew that this was the right place for him to volunteer. “Deborah’s Place makes sure to offer social services at every phase – beyond just housing – that allows the women to uplift themselves no matter their situation. It was because of this comprehensive support that I immediately knew I wanted to be a part of the mission at Deborah’s Place.”

Luigi’s first volunteer assignment was serving meals to residents. As part of a large Italian family, he’s no stranger to helping out in the kitchen. He so enjoyed the opportunity to connect to the women through meals that he decided to join the Young Professional Board (YPB). “I saw it as a great opportunity to be involved with a group of equally passionate individuals to raise awareness and generate additional funding for the women. I wanted to focus on putting more of my energy toward a cause that I believed in.”

In addition to the work he is doing on the YPB and continuing to serve meals, he has also taken inspiration from what he has learned to develop new partnerships. When he learned that the women at the Rebecca Johnson Apartments had trouble getting fresh food options from food pantries, he helped create a partnership with Farmer’s Fridge to bring them healthy options and nutrition education.

“My time so far with Deborah’s Place has allowed me to gain a new appreciation for volunteering even after years of service work. Hearing and appreciating all of the women’s stories is an experience that I’ve cherished over the past few years, and I’m happy to have found Deborah’s Place as an organization that truly cares about the women we serve.”

You can join Luigi in making a difference. Find out about volunteer opportunities and sign up to attend an orientation here.

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