Lujean began her journey at Deborah’s Place ten years ago, and over the span of her residency, grew to depend on the staff of Deborah’s Place for everyday support. When she heard that she would be getting her own apartment in the Marah’s transition, Lujean was unsure of how she would survive living on her own for the first time in over a decade. Lujean struggled to accept her new move and anxiously worked to convince staff to postpone her moving date.

Her main concerns were loneliness and losing the daily meals that were always provided by Deborah’s Place. Lujean expressed that she would miss the daily routine of visiting with Marah’s staff and was scared that she wouldn’t have anyone to speak with. And the uncertainty of making her own meals and cooking without assistance made Lujean even more uneasy about her move. “I just want to be fulfilled when I eat,” she told Residential Manager Gwen White.

White heard Lujean’s concerns, and to soothe Lujean’s nerves, prepared a special basket of assorted meats to include in the meals she would prepare in her new kitchen. White also communicated Lujean’s concerns with other Marah’s staff, who addressed Lujean’s fear of loneliness by arranging for an extra visit with her case manager every month.

Lujean has been living on her own in her new apartment for over a month and is very satisfied with her new living conditions and grateful to have her own place. Her landlord has shared that she is a pleasure to have in his building. White states, “The key to the move was having structure and having a plan as a team. Always communicating was vital in making sure Lujean experienced the most pleasant transition in a new home.” This is what makes Deborah’s Place unique – meeting women where they are and providing the support they need to set and achieve their goals.

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