Angela G is a resident of Deborah’s  Place – Rebecca Johnson Apartments (RJA). She will soon leave RJA to move to a larger apartment north of the city. We asked Angela to reflect on her experience here and what she is looking forward to as she “moves on”.

“Deborah’s Place has helped me achieve several goals. Since living here, whenever I spoke of something I wanted to do, someone gave me the resources and opportunity. I had dreams of becoming an EMT and my case manager found a program and I graduated top of my class as an EMT.

I also needed a platform to express and share my poetry. Deborah’s Place introduced me to Fifth House Ensemble, which allowed me that opportunity as well.

Getting a “moving on” voucher* means so much to me. My children have started their own families and now I will have the space to have all my grandchildren over together. Also, it will allow me the freedom to move around wherever I please since I hold a national EMT license.

I look forward to moving on and working in a hospital, improving and achieving my goals using the tools I have learned at Deborah’s Place.”

One of the things we will miss most about Angela is hearing her poetry and spoken word performances. She was gracious enough to write the following for us:

It’s time to say goodbye for now, but this is not the end.
You’ve fed my soul with knowledge and tools to restart my life again.
I’m on to a new journey, because you started me on my way.
Allowing me to relive again,
And the courage to keep pushing and never give up from day to day.
I’ve developed friendships, had life lessons, laughs and cries.
I’ve shed my own tears, and also wiped others’ eyes.
There’re not enough words to show my appreciation, so I’m writing this poem as a dedication.
Because I’m moving on to allow procreation.
Once you come to Deborah’s Place, there’s always family ties,
So I will say see you later, because I’m bad with goodbyes.

Angela knows that as she moves on, she is helping to create a “new life” for another woman who is in desperate need of supportive housing at Deborah’s Place. We wish her well and look forward to maintaining contact with her as she continues her journey.

*Moving on vouchers: RJA residents have the opportunity to apply for CHA Housing Choice Vouchers (HCV) after living in the building for at least a year. This opportunity allows women who continue to need the financial boost of a rental subsidy but who no longer need intensive on-site services to move on to apartments in the community. 20 RJA residents have benefited from the “Moving On” program in the past 9 months.

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