This past September, we celebrated Gail Lewis’ 30th year working at Deborah’s Place. Over her career, Gail has proven herself a Jane-of-all-trades and while it feels like she has always been a part of the Deborah’s Place team, she joined us after serving at a Salvation Army crisis clinic. While at the clinic, Gail helped asses the needs of men and families, but she was ready to start something new and found an opportunity to do so helping women at Deborah’s Place.

 “By myself being a woman, I had my own life experience that I could offer with the ladies at Deborah’s Place.”

Gail’s first position at Deborah’s Place was a Program Assistant at the overnight shelter. In this role, she set up the shelter, went grocery shopping for all of the programs, and brought blankets to St. Joseph Hospital for cleaning. There was a lot of running around, but she was glad to do it. After a couple of years, Gail was promoted to Volunteer Coordinator. As Volunteer Coordinator, Gail was responsible for training and pairing volunteers with different programs within the agency. Not long after, she was promoted to the role of Program Administrator, then to Employment Coordinator, and later on she transitioned to Case Manager at the Rebecca Johnson Apartments.

Early on it was evident that Gail’s commitment to the women we serve and her determination to do more for them would lead to her continued success at Deborah’s Place. From her first role at the agency to her current, she has proven herself an essential member of the team.

After 7 years as a Case Manager, Deborah’s Place felt that Gail’s talents were needed in a new position with greater responsibility, and she was promoted to Residential Manager at the Patty Crowley Apartments. In her current role as the Residential Manager, Gail oversees the budget, addresses concerns and needs from residents, checks in and supports the women directly, and works with them to ensure their long-term success. While Gail has worn many different hats within Deborah’s Place, she has always been there to help – from running errands to providing the utmost care in her current role, Gail is a constant champion for the women of Deborah’s Place. Not only does she excel at supporting others, but she also gets so much from Deborah’s Place.

“I really felt supported, so it is not only an organization just for the women. I have been supported…”

Her dedication to Deborah’s Place is what helps us as an organization achieve our goals and help open doors of opportunity to the women we serve. Thank you, Gail, for everything and congratulations on 30 years!

Gail enjoys journaling, holiday Hallmark movies, old sitcoms and old movies.

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