Outstanding Partnership Award & Expedited Housing Initiative

In October of 2021, Deborah’s Place was awarded All Chicago’s Outstanding Partnership Award. At Deborah’s Place, we believe that our impact is greatest when we work in collaboration with others. We deeply value our relationship with All Chicago, and through our continued partnerships, we make a big difference in the homeless services community. It was a tremendous honor to receive this award.

In 2021, Deborah’s Place partnered with All Chicago and joined the Expedited Housing Initiative to provide rapid and essential housing in response to the pandemic. Through this partnership, Deborah’s Place has actively worked with women experiencing homelessness and has housed over 100 women to date. Because of this rapid re-housing program, hundreds of people in Chicago now have a roof over their heads. Deborah’s Place is proud to be a part of this program.

“Moving On” Vouchers

When women come to Deborah’s Place, they set their own goals and determine the steps they will take to achieve them. For some women, their goal is to get their own apartment in the community. Through “Moving On” vouchers from the Chicago Housing Authority, women who have lived in our project-based housing for at least a year can do just that.

These “Moving On” vouchers give women who continue to need the financial boost of a rental subsidy, but no longer need intensive on-site services from permanent supportive housing, the opportunity to live more independently in their own apartments. In 2021, 58 women at Deborah’s Place were approved to receive a “Moving On” voucher! And for every woman who moves on from Deborah’s Place, a space opens for a woman still experiencing homelessness, allowing us to serve more women.

Health Services Growth

Due to the increase in the number of women we serve each year and the changing health needs of our participants during the pandemic, the need for our health services team is greater than ever. In 2021, we welcomed a new team member to our Health Services Department to assist women in our Community-Based Services program. This expansion allows Deborah’s Place to provide the best care possible to each resident, while expanding our health education and services. It was made possible by a generous grant from Impact Grants Chicago. We want to thank our Health Services Department for their hard work in the midst of a pandemic.  

COVID Testing

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