Want to Join Our Board?

Are you looking for an opportunity to channel your passion, time, energy, skills and resources to improving the lives of women who are undervalued and advocating for an end to homelessness in Chicago?  Here is your chance!

Deborah’s Place now has open seats on our Board of Directors.


  1. Review the Board of Director Job Description.
  2. Complete the Candidate Application by January 31, 2019 for the term starting June 2019.


  • Envisions the future of the organization
  • Ensures compliance and legal requirements are met
  • Engages in bringing resources to the organization including a personal financial commitment
  • Elevates the vision and mission of the organization with personal and professional networks


  • Commitment to a term of 2 years (terms can be renewed twice)
  • Ability to sit on a standing committee
  • Make a personal financial contribution (based on individual capacity)
  • Introduce the work of Deborah’s Place to your personal and professional networks
  • Participate in fundraising activities
  • Volunteer at a program site at least once a year


Deborah’s Place values the diversity of the communities we serve and the neighborhoods where our housing is located. We welcome applicants who reflect the people we serve and are ready to roll up their sleeves and work to end homelessness for women in Chicago. We especially encourage candidates who identify as women, people of color, LGBTQ+ and people of different abilities.


  • Commit to a minimum of 4 hours a month for board related responsibilities
  • Participate in fundraising activities
  • Share your awesome talents and skills
  • Share our passion for helping women move on from homelessness.

QUESTIONS:  Contact Governance Committee:  governancecommittee@deborahsplace.org

Key Board Responsibilities


  • Make Deborah’s Place a philanthropic priority while serving as a Board Member
  • Make an annual gift that is commensurate with the Board Member’s capacity
  • Willing to connect Deborah’s Place to professional and personal networks
  • Willing to participate in fundraising through event attendance, hosting 3rd party events, meet and greets with new donors, stewardship activities, etc.

Leadership, Governance and Oversight

  • Participate in strategic planning process and regularly monitor the plan’s implementation
  • Review outcomes and metrics for evaluating the organization’s impact on a regular basis
  • Approve Deborah’s Place annual budget, audit reports and business decisions
  • Be informed that Deborah’s Place is meeting all legal and fiduciary responsibilities
  • Contribute to an annual performance evaluation of the CEO
  • Participate in Board development by recommending board prospects
  • Serve on one of the four Board Standing Committees
  • Represent Deborah’s Place to constituencies, acting as an ambassador for the organization

Board terms/participation

Deborah’s Place Board terms are two years and may be extended. Board meetings are held six times a year and committees meet a minimum of five times a year. It is expected that Board Members prioritize in-person meeting attendance with the understanding that more than 3 absences a year without excuse from regularly scheduled board meetings may result in termination from the board.

Ideal candidates will have the following qualifications:

  • Current leaders in their field of expertise
  • Commit to learning about the work of Deborah’s Place through volunteering, meetings, reading, etc.
  • Commit to making a personal financial contribution
  • Will participate in fundraising by attending events, thanking donors, etc.
  • Will engage professional and personal networks in supporting the work of Deborah’s Place

Service on Deborah’s Place Board of Directors is without remuneration.

Board Application