What does “home” mean to you?

Deborah’s Place offers a place of comfort and rest to women who have been without a place to call “home”. The women here offer their stories: living in shelters, in their cars, in tents or on park benches, without a place to feel safe or to just BE.

Deborah’s Place goes beyond the essentials and recognizes the deep scars that come with living in unsafe, cold, scary situations. In addition to housing, food, shelter, health services, educational and employment services and access to basic supplies, Deborah’s Place creates community and a sense of belonging. Every Deborah’s Place resident, staff member, volunteer, Board member and supporter is part of that community. This is a place of belonging, for many after long periods of isolation and fear.

For me, home is a place where I belong, and where I can feel safe and be who I am. I don’t need to worry about when I will eat or whether someone will harm me while I sleep. I can cuddle with a kitty and be who I am: not perfect, but good enough. Here I belong.

The care, love and belonging that Deborah’s Place provides means HOME for so many women, many of whom have never had that experience. Some may have their quirks, and may not follow all of the common social conventions. Yet, somehow, they all come together to create a unit, a “we”, of which every one of us is a part.

As you think about your charitable giving on Giving Tuesday, please consider being a part of this very special community through your gift to Deborah’s Place.

If you give by December 31st, your impact will be doubled! An anonymous funder has pledged $50,000 to match new and increased donations. This is an incredible opportunity to double your impact.


Kathy Booton Wilson, CEO

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