“Because of Deborah’s Place, I am excited for the future. My happiness and my joy for life has only grown more by the day since moving in.”


Volunteers work with a Deborah's Place resident on creating a floral arrangement

Ella* spent two and a half unstable years without a home. As she moved from nursing homes to her car to a tent to a shelter, it was impossible to access the medical care she needed. She was terrified that she would never reunite with her beloved cat, Cookie, whose love and companionship had helped her endure periods of darkness and abuse in her past. Seeing no way out of homelessness, no path to a life with agency, at one point she even attempted to take her own life.

When Ella finally found an organization that would help her find housing, she sought out a place that focused on the unique needs of women. A door opened for her at Deborah’s Place, where she was able to access medical care and begin to heal emotionally. A crucial piece of that was reuniting with Cookie, who now lives at Deborah’s Place with her as her emotional support animal. With the support and community of Deborah’s Place, and with Cookie by her side, Ella is now full of hope.

*Name has been changed to protect this participant’s privacy

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