How to mobilize your workplace to change lives

Things that seem impossible to achieve as just one person suddenly become much more attainable when we approach them as a team. This principle of the power of community guides our case managers as they help women to achieve their goals, and spurs us to collaborate with organizations who share our vision of a Chicago where everyone is housed.

As 2023 draws to an end, we’re challenging our supporters to call on their teams to make amazing things happen. With your help, we know we can serve more women, house more of our neighbors, and change more lives.

Here’s how to make a life-changing impact as a team by organizing a workplace fundraiser.

  1. Spread the word through email and in-person
  2. Collect money
    • This can be old-school (passing around a hat, throwing a bake sale) or use modern methods (Venmo, a Facebook fundraiser)
  3. Donate to our end-of-year fundraiser
  4. Share your success!

In FY22, we helped 656 women make progress toward their goals and heal from the experience of homelessness—and we know that isn’t possible without our community. By donating, you are changing lives for the better.

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